Q: Saltwater, or Chlorine?

A: Both are good options.  Both have benefits and drawbacks.

Q: Why do I need you to service my pool, can't I just do it myself?

A: You don't really *need* us, we simply offer the expertise to manage and maintain your pool, letting you focus on what you really want to do:  have fun!   Our experts are trained to look for normal problems, check functions of equipment, and report any issues that may occur - likely preventing costly repairs and extending the life of your investment. 

Q: Why should I pick Robert's Pools?

A: Robert's is a pool service like any other, but what makes us stand out is our culture and ethics in regards to taking care of your pool.  We take care of your pools like we would our own - you're not just a rate paying customer, you're part of the RPS family!

Q: My pool is in a bad state of disrepair, is it going to cost me more once I sign it up?

A: Barring any unforeseen major damage, we will transition you immediately into a new account with no additional costs.  We will evaluate the pool before the first service, and communicate any special circumstances and  necessary repairs to you prior to starting your service.